If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s Christmas time. It starts with the advent calendars (no, they’re not just for the children), ramps up with the decorating of the tree and then continues at full steam ahead for the entire month of December.

Wrapped up in my dreams of Christmas time as I’m wont to do, a thought occurred to me; while I’m decking the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la – how were others at AquAid celebrating this December month? So I asked:

AquAid Glasgow

Clare Miller told me that they don’t normally have a function in December as they are so busy, but something that sets them apart is that four of the team have their birthdays in December, and this year, two of those are ‘big’ birthdays, so they’re throwing a party to celebrate these two occasions on 11 December.

mini-treeClare Miller              7th December

Dennis Crilley          14th December

Leigh Walker           16th December

Catherine Hamill     23rd December

I didn’t ask who of the December born is celebrating a milestone birthday, but will be sending best birthday wishes to all ‘cos as we know, sometimes December birthdays can sometimes get lost in the Christmas festivities.



AquAid Essex

‘I have worked with this lovely team for 2 months now, and love working in a branch that is so enthused with the Christmas spirit – we have already planned some fantastic branch celebrations ranging from ‘Afternoon Tea’ for us ‘oldies’, through to a snooker evening for the younger members of our team.

On behalf of all of the Essex Aquaid Team, we would like to thank all of our customers and everyone involved with AquAid for their continued support and generosity towards our cause, and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2016’.  ~ Vincent Wonnacott, Operations Manager.


AquAid Cambridge (HQ)

‘We don’t have any traditions as such, although we do get treated to an evening out. For the last few years we’ve gone to a steak restaurant, followed by bowling – which definitely got the competitive streaks of some going – I won’t name any names of course!

Every November on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge an outdoor ice skating rink is put up, and this year we are going to give it a go. Hopefully we’ll all come back with fingers & toes intact!’

This little excerpt from Marie Tarrant, Office Manager (fingers and toes intact at time of going to press).


AquAid Liverpool

‘In the past we have decorated the office with tinsel, a tree and other bits and pieces from our ‘Christmas box’.

Each year there is a staff party, where the company pay for a meal and a drink and then we go out in town with the drivers, sales team and get merry.

There is always a half day on the day we close for Christmas so the Christmas music comes out, we have a bit of food and its one of the only times everyone is in the office together which is nice, as normally the drivers come in at different times throughout the day. ~ Josh Searle


So there you have it. Now it’s over to you, dear customer, care to share your pre-Christmas workplace celebrations? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Whichever contribution is deemed the least heard of or unusual or just plain original, we’ll make mention on our social media. Who knows, perhaps your occasion will inspire other end of the year wearies!