Always up for keeping people hydrated and being able to have access to clean drinking water globally in far-flung regions,

AquAid, through H2O International SA, a South African water purifier and filter company, has recently become a supporter of a rather marvellous non-profit organisation called the Wishing Well International Foundation.

We’ve achieved this by donating 2 Hydraid® BioSand water filters to those in dire need of clean drinking water. The Hydraid® BioSand filter is effective as it is simple to install, simple to operate and works for all water sources.  H2O International SA, who founded the organisation in South Africa, will provide support for deploying the units.

We’re delighted to know that our donation will allow 2 families of four to have safe drinking water for up to 10 years and having clean drinking water, will mean fewer water-borne illnesses, therefore less money spent on medication, which will allow more productivity from the family members, which in turn will translate into a better ability to earn income for the family.

We strongly believe that business is in the best position to shape our children’s future and this is what encouraged us to support both H20 International SA and the WWIF. We believe that together, little by little, we are making a difference.