We all know water coolers don’t really inspire much passion in a person, the caveat being unless you design and build water coolers that is. Or supply them. Or drink from them. Or take a break and chat to your colleagues around them. Okay, so perhaps there is more passion in there than one thinks.

For those of us that still don’t find any inspiration from water coolers, we have some great news – there’s nothing quite as inspirational as installing water coolers from AquAid. Here’s why:

  • We don’t just supply delicious spring and bottled at source water for your bottled water cooler. We’ll help you decide on which water coolers are best for your particular requirements.
  • It may be that you need mains-fed water coolers instead of bottle-fed. That’s absolutely no problem, we have a wide range – you can rely on our 21 years’ experience to ensure we install the right water dispenser.
  • Your AquAid water coolers, whether they dispense refreshing chilled water only, cold and hot water or piping hot water only, will be kept in tip top condition by your experienced AquAid engineer. Bottle-Fed machines are sanitised every three months and Mains-Fed every six months.
  • As you proceed on your hydration journey is when the inspiration aspect of your water cooler installation begins. For each bottle of water purchased and each mains-fed machine installed, we donate a portion of these sales to charity.
  • Charities such as Christian Aid and the Africa Trust. Donations that are used to implement sustainable water projects, delivering potable water to thousands of water bereft communities throughout Africa.

This means that for each sip of water you drink – boosting both your physical and mental health and well-being as you go about your working day – you are simultaneously contributing to a more positive, safe water rich future for millions of people in need.

Pretty powerful insipiration we’re sure you’ll agree.

To find out how we can best meet your daily hydration needs, contact us today.  We’re easy to reach: