At AquAid we are, of course, primarily interested in promoting proper hydration – and we achieve this through encouraging the installation of the right water coolers in suitable spaces throughout the UK.

What we mean by the ‘right water coolers in suitable spaces’ is we use our over 20 years of experience to ensure that your water cooler meets your requirements: whether that is Mains-Fed dispensers for a large organisation or educational facility or a Bottle-Fed dispenser for smaller organisations and for temporary use – such as on work sites or at festivals and events.

When you install a water cooler from AquAid, there is also an additional advantage: for each Mains-Fed water cooler installed and each 19ℓ Bottle of Water supplied (all our water bottles go through a stringent recycling program) we donate a portion of those sales to charity.

Clearly, health and well-being is high on our list of priorities and it’s been repeatedly proven that when we drink enough water, it boosts our well-being significantly.

All of this said though … we are only hooman.  And the good life can’t only consist of maintaining good hydration habits by visiting your water cooler station often and drinking lots of water.

Which is why, here at AquAid, with International Chocolate Day on 13 September, we will be climbing on the ‘yes, chocolate is a superfood’ bandwagon.   We hope you will too.

FOOTNOTE:  Remember, you need water to make chocolate. Also – hot chocolate. Need we say more?