There are many advantages of having a water cooler in your home, office or education building. Some of the best advantages of drinking enough water every day are that you will actually improve you mental and physical abilities.

One of the biggest selling points for water coolers is that they can actually enhance the performance of staff members, students and athletes by up to 30%. By drinking enough water every day, our bodies and especially our brains perform at their best, allowing you to work for longer without getting tired or forgetful. Many businesses and schools are now installing water coolers to ensure that their staff or students have the best opportunity to drink enough water every day.

Some schools are even encouraging their students to carry small water bottles with them to ensure that they always have water close at hand. Being properly hydrated increases not just your learning ability, but also your concentration. Many children are considered hyperactive or problem children because they have difficulty sitting still or concentrating. The sad reality is that their diets are more often than not the main reason for the children not being able to focus or sit still for more than two seconds. The amount of sugars and preservatives that they take in every day from sweets and fizzy cool drinks, are shockingly high. Some fizzy cool drinks have more than two cups of sugar in a single litre or fluid. That’s the equivalent to having half a cup of sugar for every cup of fluid. Would you add half a cup of sugar to your coffee? I seriously doubt it!

Encourage your child to drink more water and healthy, sugar free drinks and watch the difference. Just by installing a water cooler in your school or home, you can increase your students or child’s learning abilities and future for ever. Water coolers offer cool, fresh and healthy water and with the free delivery and ease of installation that companies like AquAid offer, there is no reason to delay installing one immediately. Their water is bottled using naturally filtered and chemical free water from the springs at Godlingston Manor. Perfect for you and everyone you care about.