The benefits of sufficient water intake are often underestimated, but there are hundreds of reasons to keep your body correctly hydrated. Even though diets and lifestyles change on a monthly basis, the experts all agree that the most important substance in a healthy lifestyle is still water.

As the majority of our body is made from water, it is very important to keep drinking sufficient water every day to ensure that the correct levels are maintained. Water is needed in almost every process that happens in our bodies, from food digestion to muscle growth and mental development. Our bodies need around 1.8 litres of water every normal day, but if you are involved in exercise, active activities or strenuous work, then you will need to increase your water intake. It is for this reason that many offices, schools and gyms are installing water coolers around their premises. It allows easy and convenient access to fresh, clean and healthy water. If you are taking part in sports, or outdoor activities where you will be perspiring, then it is recommended that you take a water bottle with you to ensure that you will always have water with you. Water allows our bodies to digest our food, and without it we will not be able to eliminate the waste products. It is for that reason that water can assist you in losing weight as it will remove all the unneeded weight and toxins that can leaded to weight gain.

Tests have shown that individuals who drink their sufficient amount of water each day are less prone to weight gain and they also live longer due to their healthier lifestyles. Other great benefits of water are that they give you a younger, healthier skin. This is because water keeps the skin hydrated and plump and giving you a younger appearance by reducing wrinkles. All these great benefits are part of the reason why water coolers are becoming so popular. Their convenience, the guaranteed safety of the water that they provide and ease of use will ensure that you always have sufficient water close.