It is amazing what water can do for expecting mothers. For everything from reducing headaches, cramps, dehydration and constipation, water is the answer.

Most pregnant women suffer from headaches caused by a lack of sufficient water intake. Many expecting moms tend to forget that they need to increase their water intake during their pregnancy. There are many positive and important reasons to increase your water intake during pregnancy and most important must be for the proper development of your unborn child. Water is the most important building block in any living cell, more so in the developing cells of babies and young children. Water is required to transport nutrients and supplements to every cell of the body, from the brain to the intestines and skin.

In infants it is important because it ensures that all the muscles, brain cells and bones are developing correctly and as required. In the expecting mother, the water aids to reduce cramping and water retention. The more water you drink, the less your body tends to store of it. So ladies suffering from water retention often just have to increase their water intake to cure them of this problem. Another frustrating and embarrassing problem that many expecting moms have to suffer with is constipation. This is more often than not caused by dehydration and the body struggling to get sufficient water to function. The digestive system is one of the first areas where the body will remove water from when it is needed, leading to constipation and stomach cramps.

As many pregnant women tend to need the loo every ten minutes, they forget that that is all water that needs to be replaced. The key to drinking sufficient water every day is to keep track of your water intake. Water coolers are a great way to keep track of your water consumption as you are able to see the water level of the water bottle. Another more accurate way of keeping water with you while keeping track of your water intake it to carry a water bottle with you at all times. Fill it from your water cooler every time you head out of your home or office and you will never have to suffer again.