With a large and very diverse range of water coolers that we supply at AquAid, people are often not sure which model is best suited to their needs. It all comes down to the amount of water that you, your home or our office consumes each day. Depending on that, we will be able to assist you with the best possible bottled water solution.

The most popular water cooler for the office that we supply at AquAid is the range of free-standing water coolers. The benefits from the free-standing water coolers are almost endless. Just having the unit in our office will encourage your staff to drink more water during their working day. The benefits of drinking clean, fresh and filtered water includes added mental performance, better health and more physical strength. Tests have shown that not drinking enough water can lead to a decrease of up to 30% in mental performance. These shocking results are reason enough for each office to have water available to all their office members at all times.

Our free-standing water coolers will ensure that your staff perform at their best, and that productivity in the office will not decrease due to a lack of water.

We are able to provide fresh drinking water at a range of different temperatures. From nice ice-cold water in the summer to room temperature or hot water for the cold seasons, we can ensure that your water is just the way you prefer it. The adjustable thermostat will ensure that you can accurately control your water coolers’ temperature. The noiseless circuit will not interrupt your staff, and the large drip tray will ensure that no water is messed on the floor. Our free-standing water coolers are available in a large selection of different models, and we will gladly assist you with all your water needs.

If you do not have the large requirements of an office, then we are able to give you compact water coolers suited for a desktop or confined space.

If however you find that your staff or household is consuming water at a never-ending rate, then we are able to install mains fed water cooler. These coolers connect directly onto your main water supply. They will provide an uninterrupted supply of fresh and clean drinking water. Our unique AquAid Doulton water filtration system will ensure that the water is clean and as pure as water from our bottle fed water coolers.

No matter what your cooler needs might be, at AquAid we will have the perfect cooler for your individual needs.