With our lives moving at the speed of light and technological advances occurring at an exponential rate, it’s easy to see how and why our lives have become so frenetic.  We spend more and more time at the office, glued to our desks, taking fewer and fewer breaks. And while that might seem necessary in the short-term (how else are we supposed to get everything done?); in the long-term it negatively impacts our well-being and productivity.

A University of Illinois study found that allowing subjects to take two brief breaks during a long task allowed participants to remain focused during the entire experiment – those not allowed a respite experienced a drop in performance. Numerous studies show that taking a break boosts energy, concentration and motivation – but when, and how often that happens also affects the results. Baylor University researchers found that ‘the most beneficial time to take a workday break is mid-morning. People who take ‘better breaks’ experience better health and increased job satisfaction. [And] Longer breaks are good, but it’s beneficial to take frequent short breaks [too]’.

Which brings us neatly to the office breakout area. Based on the above, it’s clear to see why a rest area is so essential for employee health and well-being. Sometimes business owners, especially those of small to medium size organisations, tend to think the cost of providing such an area outweighs the benefits, but that’s not the case. A breakout area needn’t be extravagant, it can be in a separate room or even a cordoned off section in an open plan office, as long as there are comfortable chairs and a water point so that employees can relax with a tea or coffee.

Which is another important factor in productivity – hydration. We all know how harmful dehydration can be, but studies show that even mild dehydration can affect our mood, cognitive ability and productivity. It’s paramount that we drink liquid regularly throughout the day, water of course is best, but tea and coffee also count towards the daily target. As the UK’s leading water cooler supplier, AquAid regularly help offices of all sizes with their hydration needs – we offer a wide variety of high-quality bottled and mains fed water coolers to choose from. We also offer a stylish range of Instant Taps – hot water taps and chilled taps that can dispense hot, ambient or chilled filtered water at the touch of a button. Compact and convenient, our Instant Taps are fitted into the countertop with the water unit discreetly installed underneath the worktop.

By creating a breakout area and having water at the ready, you not only help your employees remain alert, hydrated and productive, but you save on time and energy too. And as we know that each organisation’s needs are different, we tailor our recommendation to suit your requirements – whether that be hot water taps or mains fed water coolers, together we’ll find the best solution for you and your team.