And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity  ~ King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

The end of the year is drawing closer and there is so much thought given to the peace, joy and season of giving that is Christmas.

So, while most of us are feeling all warm and fuzzy about giving, let’s spare a thought about how one can truly be charitable this festive season (and beyond).

By you drinking water.

Yep, before you think we’ve lost our marbles, it really can be as simple as that. Keeping yourself hydrated can actually ‘give’ to others. Give safe, clean, drinking water. Which can mean a child out there in desperate need of your charity, doesn’t have to die from dehydration or contaminated water.

Which means being able to keep the children hydrated, so that they can :-

  • Concentrate when they go to school.
  • So that they can learn.
  • So that they can educate others on the importance of having clean water to drink.

We at AquAid  founded The Africa Trust. With a donation for each water cooler sold, this money goes towards building another Elephant Pump in a rural community in the Third World. A charity that truly gives. (And keeps on giving).

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Of course it does!

A very Merry Christmas to you.