AquAid Water Coolers for Construction Companies

AquAid Water Coolers for Construction Companies

Construction companies are part of a specialised industry, as are their requirements, as they need to ensure that their construction sites adhere to regulations that ensure the health and safety of all on site.

One such requirement is that there is adequate hydration available to the entire workforce on site for the duration of the construction.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) states, in part:

Drinking water

Drinking water must be provided or made available at readily accessible and suitable places.

This is where AquAid comes in.

AquAid are the premier choice for a broad range of water cooler provision in the UK.

We are also the preferred supplier to a number of specialised industries, one of these being to the construction industry, as we understand the specific requirements that construction companies, small or large, have.

Incorporated into our water cooler provision to construction companies we offer the following services as a standard:

  • Next-day delivery and collection of water coolers.
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery of water.
  • Next-day call-outs for repairs.
  • Educational hydration package for workers, show casing the importance of remaining hydrated at work to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Supply of both 240V and 110V water coolers.
  • Dedicated account managers on both a local and national level.

We already supply numerous construction companies with water coolers throughout the UK, ranging from smaller companies with only a few sites, to some of the largest national companies with hundreds of sites at any one time. Our unique ability to offer a combination of both local and national account managers mean that the ordering process is hassle-free, both at the point of set-up and for re-ordering of supplies.

Call us today to enquire about availability and the unique service we can offer to you the construction industry.