Water coolers don’t just mean cool, clean, fresh drinking water on demand. They can also mean piping hot water for your favourite hot drinks to warm you through the nippy cold months. I’m referring to our range of water boilers .

Even more  convenient in the ‘Choices Division’ is the:-

AquAid Water Chiller / Boiler Combination!

Then, just when you thought the convenience and options couldn’t become any more marvellous, we also offer a selection of hot and cold beverages for your work place too:

Café Direct Drinks Range: ­
  • Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate­
  • Café Direct Coffee
  • Bovril
  • A full range of Soups
  • Kenco coffee
Cafe Direct, Fair Trade

Wherever possible, we choose to supply Fair Trade products, like Café Direct coffee.  Fair Trade guarantees a better deal for Third World producers and allows them to invest money in local healthcare and education.

Hot & Cold Water Dispensers from AquAid can also be installed with cool, refreshing sugar-free natural flavours peach, lemon & lime, apple and pear and for each bottle we sell, we’ll donate 5p to Christian Aid.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this choice has made me thirsty, I’m off for a quick cuppa Bovril.