Albion in the Community (AITC) is Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club’s innovative, multi award-winning and independent charity.

AITC use the power of football and the reach of Brighton & Hove Albion to deliver projects in the areas of health, education, disability and social inclusion all underpinned by our core themes – increasing participation, creating opportunities, tackling inequalities and improving health. In 2011 alone, they directly benefited 47,821 people through their work.

This March, the excitement builds, as Dan’s Dare looms large on the horizon.

What is Dan’s Dare you may ask? Dan is hoping to beat the greatest distance run in a week on a treadmill to raise money for Albion in the Community.

This Saturday, 16 March, the 40 year old Dan Lawson will commence his world-record attempt outside the Jubilee Library in the centre of Brighton. The current record stands at 520 miles and to surpass it he will have to run the equivalent of 20 marathons, nearly three a day. There will be little time for sleep and recovery as Dan is expected to run non-stop for around 14 hours a day.

Companies can register to secure a day of 10 one-hour slots for employees to run alongside Dan. Each runner will need to raise a minimum of £100. If your company would like to support Dan, please contact Bob Beaken at:

Should you wish to Sponsor Dan you can do so by clicking here You can also get in touch and find out more by following Dan on Twitter @therunningdan.

AquAid West Sussex is so impressed with Dan’s Dare that they’re supplying all the drinking water for his mind boggling attempt at beating the current record.

At AquAid, in case you weren’t aware, we’re all about, well, water – fresh, from the source, bottled water that we supply to customers throughout the U.K. More than this though, a very important part of AquAid’s work ethos is to also ensure that those in desperate need in Third World countries have access to clean drinking water too.

Go Dan, go! We’re really rooting for you and your effort.