If we look at the dental health stats in the UK it hasn’t been the prettiest of pictures sadly.

For decades debate has raged about what does or doesn’t constitute good dental health.

The good news though, is that since 1968 adults being ‘edentate’ (meaning they had no teeth of their own) has reduced from 37% to a mere 1% in 1998.

The one incontrovertible fact is that if you maintain good drinking water habits, it promotes sound dental health significantly.

Simple ways where water helps you to keep healthy strong teeth:

  • Sometimes brushing teeth isn’t enough to dislodge food particles stuck between teeth (after meals and before you get home to brush your teeth). If you take a swig from your water bottle (in your re-usable water bottle that you have on you at all times, of course) and give your mouth a bit of a rinse, this can aid in removing food particles.
  • According to reports drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can help reduce morning breath.
  • There’s no sugar in water (yes, we know, a tad obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said!) so if you’re drinking water instead of sugary drinks, you’re actually reducing your chances of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • If you don’t carry dental floss or a toothbrush around with you (and I’m sure many of us don’t, especially at work), you can always give your mouth a quick refresh by substituting your toothbrush with a finger and rinsing your brushing with water, although we suggest that you don’t perform this ‘refresh’ at your water cooler.

Obviously there’s a lot more than drinking water that’s needed to improve your teeth and gum health, but it’s both a simple and helpful start.

Cheers! Here’s to your good dental health!