Nothing says health and vitality quite like a radiant complexion and smooth skin. This is why there are so many expensive ointments, creams and treatments on the market promising to improve skin tone and reduce pigmentation. But in this age of tight budgets and cost-cutting, is there a cost-effective way to keep your skin complexion looking young and radiant?

A look at simple physiology might provide us with an answer. Most people already know that the human body is 50-70% water depending on age and health status, but many may not be fully aware how our skin is affected by water. The skin is the human body’s largest organ and it is made up of various layers of skin cells. Each of these individual cells is roughly 70% cytoplasm – a mixture of water, salts and organic molecules. Water is essential to the functioning of the human body in many ways including flushing out toxins, regulating body temperature, energy metabolism and maintaining mucous membranes. It also comprises about 95% of blood plasma and is therefore vital to maintaining proper circulation of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body including that of the skin. With so much of our body and skin consisting of water, it stands to reason that keeping properly hydrated will have you feeling and looking healthier.

The renowned advice of drinking 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day may not only keep you feeling healthier and increase your vitality, but also keep your skin glowing and looking young. Well hydrated skin cells are plumper, more resilient and therefore less prone to wrinkles. The best way to keep hydrated? Drink water according to thirst consistently during the day and avoid too much water just before bed, which might result in puffy skin first thing in the morning.