With the heat of summer quickly approaching, the environmental and physical demands on our bodies will again be on the increase. The heat and physical activities of outdoor sports will lead to greater water needs, but what do we need to do to keep hydrated? Many schools and learning facilities are installing water coolers to ensure their students and learners stay hydrated during the summer. For children especially, they need to drink loads more water than adults not just to keep hydrated, but for many other important life factors. The average water intake for a growing child should be about 3 litres per day.

Dehydration can cause a dramatic reduction in mental and physical performance and tests have shown that by simply drinking enough water students can show dramatic improvement in their learning and physical abilities and skills. The other effects of dehydration include poor health, bad skin and obesity. Many children and young adults suffer from bad skin caused by dehydration. The body needs sufficient water to flush out all the toxins that are built up from modern living. These toxins and impurities cause blockages in our skin and can lead to acne, pimples and blackheads. Our blood is mainly made out of water and a lack of this vital nutrient will result in many negative skin and body issues. Our skin is our bodies biggest organ and if it is correctly hydrated we look healthiest and younger, a very important factor for our later years in life.

The schools with installed water coolers are encouraging their students to drink water on a regular basis, and in some cases the schools are looking at allowing their students to carry water bottles with them to ensure that they are always correctly hydrated.  Water coolers offer cool, refreshing and clean water at all times.

If you have a child or learner at school or studying, make it part of their daily routine to drink enough water during the day. Insist that their schools have cool, clean, safe and healthy water always on offer to their students at all times and suggest that they install water coolers.