As I’m typing this, I’m literally looking (through?) a glass of water waiting for inspiration to strike.

Rather funny, that, considering what the topic of this blog’s about. Have you guessed yet?

*eyes slide back to the glass of water*

*ponder* *ruminate*

*again, eyes go back to the glass of water*

Did you guess? Did you? Did you? Perhaps the title gave it away?

I like the fact that some ways down the line speaking about the benefits of drinking water (and believe you me, when you drink water from one of our water products, the benefits are manifold), I continue to learn something new. Isn’t that marvellous? I happen to think it is!

As an example, whereas I’ve covered the length and breadth and depth of hydration; hydration vs. dehydration; how much water to drink; when to drink it; where to drink it; hydration for children; hydration for adult type people; hydration for our elders; etcetera, etcetera. and aside from a mention involving a possible karmic slight accident when driving, I’ve never really been aware or made mention about how vitally important it is that a person driving a car, lorry, any road use vehicle, needs to be sufficiently hydrated in order to operate a vehicle safely.

A driver being hydrated is a thing? Surely not!

Yes, absolutely, driver hydration is a thing. It’s such a thing that there have been definitive studies conducted that establish how vitally important it is for road users to ensure that they keep hydrated while driving.

Why is this?

  • Well, as an example, results from these studies have shown that dehydration can occur as easily as having a 1% drop in ydration levels.
  • It’s also been proven that a dehydrated driver’s abilities can be as impaired as that of a drunk driver, which in itself is pretty frightening.
  • Moreover, the research found that mildly dehydrated drivers are almost twice as likely to make errors on the road when compared with well-hydrated drivers, with dehydrated drivers being more likely to both swerve between lanes and brake late, two of the key causes of vehicle accidents.

As always when I’m learning something, I find information like this fascinating. I’m now more aware of my responsibilities when driving and hopefully, after having read this, now you know too. So, drink up and make sure that your next road trip is a happy and hydrated one, keeping yourself and other road users safe on our roads.