We often speak of dehydration, but do you actually know what it means and what the signs are? Dehydration is caused either by a loss of body fluids or due to the lack of sufficient water intake.

Our bodies need fluids and water in particular to survive and function at an optimal level. Even the slightest loss of fluids can lead to dehydration setting in. Children need to drink more water than adults because they are more active and they burn more energy each day. Dehydration can lead to serious problems if left untreated. Some of the first signs of dehydration are similar to hunger signs. Many parents feed their children when these signs occur, leading to children eating more than they need and it leads to adults who do not know the first signs of dehydration.

When you feel a little peckish, rather have a glass of water first. Often you will find that is what your body actually needed. This will also aid in you losing weight by not eating too much. Other more serious signs of dehydration include dry mouth, fatigue, heart palpitations, cramping, loss of concentration and loss of mental capabilities. Even the slightest loss of fluids can lead to a 20% drop in mental and physical abilities. It is for this reason that many offices, businesses, schools and homes are installing water coolers. Water coolers offer easy, convenient and fresh water at a press of a button.

The leading causes for dehydration in the UK are the lack of sufficient water intake, followed by excessive sweating, excessive urination and fever. Excessive urination can be caused by too much alcohol and caffeine consumption. In children the biggest risks are fever and diarrhoea. The loss of as little as 3% of their body fluids can cause problems to start setting in. It is therefore very important to make sure that your child is always correctly hydrated and if they are sick to ensure they are cared for and treated by professionals.

Make sure that you, your family and loved ones are always hydrated. Drink your required 8 glasses of water each day and increase your water consumption during exercise, hot day and when you are sick. Install a water cooler in your home or office and see the difference it will make to your family and friends.