Hydrate to break the cycle of stress. There’s no doubt that our stress levels have ramped up significantly this year. Where we are all doing all that we can to be kind, look out for and keep each other safe, dehydration can easily exacerbate stress. The quickest, simplest solution to counteract stress is to maintain good hydration.

As with your mug, ‘own’ your water glass.  Wherever you’re currently working, invest in your own water glass. Whether it’s thick and chunky or tall and elegant, choose something distinctive.  In-between drinking each glassful, leave it on your worktop.  Begin a routine where each time you get up to stretch your legs or take a break, pick up your water glass and head to the water cooler to replenish your water.

Good hydration is the cheapest skin care available. Dehydration is quickly apparent in the condition of our skin. Irrespective of your level of health, your skin shows up dehydration levels through sagging, crinkly skin, flakiness and dryness.  Moisturising your skin is always a good idea, but the best way to keep your skin plumped up and healthy is to drink water.

Make drinking water part of your daily routine, not part of your daily chores. In order to make this feasible, all that’s required is a mind shift reboot. Instead of resenting ‘having’ to drink water (an attitude I am sure applies to many of us), change your thinking. Whether it’s a glass (or two) of water before you begin breakfast, before you brush your teeth or before you make that first cuppa, make sure that drinking water becomes part of your everyday routine. It won’t be long before you notice the improvement in your general well-being.