At AquAid Water Coolers, we’ve been in the business of water provision for over 24 years, supplying a wide range of high-quality water coolers and drinking water to customers throughout the UK.

We value our customers as we understand that they are the backbone of our business, enabling us to grow from our humble beginnings in 1998 to now, one of the UK’s largest water cooler suppliers.

Just as important to us, and an integral part of our business ethos since we began, is our commitment to helping those in need.  In this manner AquAid has, to date, donated over £20 million to charity and helped more than three million people secure sustainable safe water resources.

Another organisation (and valued customer) committed to protecting their clients is Frontline Safety UK.

We recently invited them to take part in a charity initiative: this involves the building of a water well (known as an Elephant Pump) which enables a community in Africa direct access to safe drinking water. This pump building program is instituted by an AquAid founded charity – The Africa Trust – that has, since its inception in 2010, built more than 8,000 such pumps throughout sub-Saharan Africa, providing potable water to more than two million people.

During our communications about this initiative, we found out a little more about Frontline Safety UK:

‘At Frontline Safety, we’re proud to align ourselves with AquAid’s mission of making a positive impact beyond business operations. As a leading provider of safety equipment and solutions in the UK, our commitment to community welfare and sustainable development runs deep. Collaborating with AquAid’s charity initiative resonates with our ethos of corporate responsibility and social contribution.~ Callum Brown – Digital Marketing & Website Executive

We are delighted they have agreed to partner with us on this very worthwhile cause and look forward to being able to present them with a photo of their pump, a certificate and a letter of thanks once the pump has been built and named.