At Blue Whale Media, we’ve always believed in giving back to the community. We are always looking for ways to contribute to the community. So, when we wanted to install water coolers at our new premises, we purchased AquAid water coolers.

Keeping our staff members hydrated will keep them at their best all through the day. But how they operate is one of the prime reasons why we chose to invest in AquAid watercoolers.

So what’s special about them? Everything!

Building Elephant Pumps

With every purchase of their water coolers, AquAid automatically contributes a portion to the Africa Trust. These funds help in installing Elephant Pumps in the remotest parts of Africa to make fresh drinking water available.

When we were told that our purchase will lead to a pump being installed in Africa on our behalf, we were all charged up. To think that our purchase will help in making fresh, clean drinking water available to those who really need it. We felt it was a great way to give back to the community.

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