Every year, here at AquAid we (virtually) tiptoe as we edge towards mention of Halloween. Still not sure why, that’s just what we do.

Considering the events of this year so far, we reckon a timid or gung ho approach surely doesn’t matter – perhaps all we can say is that we think there’s been enough tricks, thank you kindly, so, for this Halloween, please, we’d just like the treats.

If it were your choice this Halloween to go all in with treating only, perhaps it would be a good idea to balance all the treats consumed with several healthy draughts of water.

Should you opt for a bit of both i.e. a few tricks doled out for good measure in amongst all the treats – fair play – again, remember to keep up with drinking water.

Although this year it’s unlikely there will be any actual door-to-door trick-or-treating or ‘guising, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy Halloween at home:

  • Observe the first full moon since 31 October 2001. It’s actually a Hunter’s Moon and should occur at 2.49pm, but that’s okay. It’s a Saturday – you can get this Halloween party started early!
  • Create a Halloween playlist and dance your ‘guise loose. Extra treats if you learn the ‘Thriller’ moves. 
  • If you’re brave, do the opposite of Netflix and chill. Queue the scary movies and ‘enjoy’. If scary movies aren’t for you, host a virtual Halloween party.
  • Although we’re sure that you, like us, love the ghost beasties in the headline image, we’re not going to suggest costuming your pets. Think mayhem, confusion, possible broken household items. Yep, rather not.

However you choose to observe this rather special 31st of October, from us at AquAid we wish you all a Happy Halloween with more treats than tricks.