Often we mistakenly assume that keeping hydrated during winter is less important than in summer. This is so not the case.

In winter, in an effort to keep warm, we rely on using heaters, hairdryers and hats (yep, hats) which quite literally suck the moisture and oils right out of our bodies, skin and hair. When we’re outside, low humidity and gusty winds don’t help much either.

But, never fear, there are quite a few things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will snap you back into being bright eyed, clear skinned and bushy tailed – so to speak:

Use a humectant on your hair

Each week, condition with a treatment containing a *humectant like glycerine that attracts and locks in moisture, and in turn restores shine. If the humectant is water based, that’s the sort of thing to look for. *Humectants are ingredients in products that draw moisture in.

Body scrubs and oils

Frigid temperatures and dry indoor heat cause water to evaporate from your skin because there’s more moisture in it than in the air. Bundling up doesn’t help matters – all those layers keep skin from breathing. Fight back with a one-two punch of body scrub and moisturizing lotion or oil. Once a week, exfoliate with a body scrub to help slough off dead cells that make skin look dull. You’ll also find that giving your skin a brisk scrub (we’re not talking the priest in The Da Vinci Code movie standard of skin rubs here) will warm you right up too. When skin is freshly exfoliated, lotion and oil are better absorbed. To maintain hydration, smooth on the lotion daily after a shower.

Warm up your morning commute

Take a cosy tumbler full of tea with you when you leave the house for the day. Not only will it keep you warm and hydrated, but it’ll do a body good – black tea may even prevent your body from absorbing fat from food!

‘Eat’ your water

Fruits and veggies are packed with water, that high water content adds volume and keeps you satisfied without the calories. Soups are also a great way to sneak in some extra water. We offer a variety of in-cup drinks that can assist with this hydration.

Being fussy can help
A lot of us just don’t like drinking water, period.  Try adopting a different approach.  I, for example, don’t like ice cold water or ice for that matter. So, instead of thinking that cold water will ‘better’ replenish you (which isn’t true); try drinking your water at room temperature. If you’re into branded gear (this isn’t just a children’s domain), then use your favourite cartoon character branded water bottle to drink from if it makes your happy. Figure out what appeals to you. And since your ability to recognise your thirst worsens as you age, today, early in the New Year is a good a time to start as any getting into the keeping hydrated habit.