There are a large percentage of us Britons who make New Year’s Resolutions, but a very small percentage who keep them. Perhaps there’s a better way in which to approach resolutions and in so doing, make resolutions a breeze to keep.

Research shows that as soon as we attach the word ‘resolution’ to intent, our resolve goes out the window, round about a few days after the resolution was first made.

Now imagine if we all approached the dreaded res. dilemma with a new outlook – as an example – what if we started making decisions about the year ahead? If you think about it, we make decisions (the good, bad and the neither here or there) every day of our lives, but they’re decisions nonetheless – no big deal.

So perhaps a good idea is to kick off the year is to haul out your New Year’s Resolution list, tack it up somewhere and re-word it, so it reads something like this:

Lose weight x        I’ve decided to walk to the office/shop/school.

Drink less x             For each tea or coffee I drink, I’m going to drink a glass of water.

Spend less x           For each 50p I save, I’m donating to a charity close to my heart.

Eat less x                 I’ve decided to drink more water before each meal.

What decisions have you decided upon for this year then? Mine reads something like this:

I’ve decided to spend more time outdoors and to walk more.

I’ve decided to drink more water and less of the fizzy stuff, especially at work.

I’ve decided to spread more awareness about how paying it forward truly makes a difference to others.

You get the gist of this decision making vs. resolution failing, right? I’m just going to leave this here for you then.

Here’s wishing you all a splendiferous 2017.