Why is water so important? What makes is the most important fluid on the planet? The reason is that it is the only single substance that every living creature needs to survive. From the smallest bacteria, to the largest mammal every creature needs water to survive.

Water is important because it makes up the majority of our body’s weight and substance. It is vital for transporting all our nutrients, vitamins and minerals and without even a small percentage of this clear, tasteless fluid we will start to decrease in performance on all levels of mental and physical abilities.

Dehydration is caused when the body is either not getting enough water, or it has lost too much water without it being replaced fast enough. Either way, dehydration is dangerous to every living human, no matter their age, fitness or circumstance. The biggest risk is for children. Dehydration can lead to reduced growth, mental ability and physical performance. Children between the ages of 8 and 14 require between 2.8L and 3.5L of water each day to grow, function and survive. Tests have shown that children who are even slightly dehydrated will have a dramatic drop in concentration, mental learning abilities and physical performance.

For the reason of avoiding dehydration and it increase their students chance in life, many schools are installing water coolers across their learning facilities. These water coolers provide their students with clean, fresh and safe drinking water whenever they need it. Leading the water cooler revolution is one of the UK’s biggest water suppliers and installers- AquAid. Their professional, effective and reliable services will ensure that your students will always have the best source of water available.

The water coolers that AquAid can install can either be mains fed or bottled water. Mains fed water coolers use the water provided by the property’s mains line, and through a very effective filtering and cleaning process it cools and delivers fresh, safe water to the masses. This type of AquAid water cooler is perfect for busy schools or sports areas. The bottled fed water coolers work fantastic in areas where there is no water mains, or where the water usage is low enough.

 No matter what your school, facility or business might be, contact AquAid for the best water service and to ensure that your students, office workers or learners are well hydrated and looked after at all times.