Tea Time. Choose any of the innumerable varieties of teas and herbal drinks, not only to stay hydrated, but also to reap piles of benefit for your body. Black tea contains catechins, flavonoids that can improve cardiovascular health and may help prevent cancer.  Green tea lowers your risk of heart disease, reduces your risk of lung cancer, and can help your body burn fat more easily – the polyphenols in the tea appear to work with caffeine to increase calorie burn.

Proper tea stemming (a-ha) from the plant Camellia sinensis includes only four varieties: Green, Black, White and Oolong. Anything else, like herbal ‘tea’ is an infusion of a different plant and isn’t technically tea.

This however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t many health benefits to herbal teas. Sage tea can help with excessive perspiration. Chamomile can help control blood pressure and ease digestion and gas. Ginger tea can soothe your stomach and ease arthritis pain.

AquAid supply a rather nice PG Tips, which is a Black Tea, with their hot drinks dispensers.

Coffee break.  Let’s not kid ourselves, coffee (like tea) probably makes the world go round and has done so since its introduction to the West in the 1600’s. We’ve already discussed the good vs. bad when it come comes to coffee consumption – rule of thumb being ‘everything in moderation’, so here I’m going to talk about some of the many benefits of coffee.

Because coffee is a diuretic, many people avoid it before they work out. You might want to rethink that approach. Coffee has been shown to help your body burn fat while you exercise, aiding in weight loss. It also enhances performance by minimizing the effects of fatigue.

As with tea, coffee is full of powerful antioxidants called flavonoids, which help to prevent LDL cholesterol (bad for the heart) from oxidizing and causing heart disease.

If one avoids loading up with the sugars and creams when having one’s cup of Java, drinking coffee is also not bad when one is dieting, as black, unflavoured, unsugared coffee contains about 2 calories.

Look for the Kenco range of coffees that can come with your hot and cold drinks dispensers and keep in mind that for every Kenco coffee purchased, a donation is made to The Africa Trust, bringing clean drinking water to rural communities in Africa.

Topping up the Water Tank. As with all our bottled water, both our hot and cold water dispensers are kept replenished from water drawn from the source.

Glug, glug. Enjoy.