Coffee is one of those substances that have both good and bad stories written up about it all the time.

What’s the Good skinny?  (No, not a skinny, latte, mocha, silly story).
  • Coffee does contain antioxidants. But better to not rely on this as your only source of antioxidants. Antioxidants can be found in other yummy sources like blueberries, cherries, & pomegranates as well as a variety of legumes.
  • It may have some protective qualities against a variety of cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The caffeine in it is stimulating and releases dopamine (your body’s ‘happy’ enzyme) … which is the main reason why people drink it.
  • Boosts your short term memory.
What’s the Bad skinny?
  • Mainly because of its stimulating effects, it has been found to aggravate stress and anxiety.
  • Other psychological and physical problems including rapid heart rate, higher pulse and blood pressure, and inability to sleep.
  • It is also mildly addictive and withdrawal – depending of course, on how many cups you drink in 12 hours or so, can lead to painful headaches.

What one needs to keep in mind when it comes to consumption of any liquids and foodstuffs, is the age old maxim, ‘Everything in Moderation’.

So, whereas a cup o’ Java to kick start your day (hopefully after you’ve eaten something solid) is a good thing; roaring through your day bolstered up on cream or full milk laden coffees or lattés will completely counteract the wonderful effects of coffee and just turn you into a blob. Remember to always counter your cups of coffee with a glass of water as keeping hydrated is vastly important.