Right, so AquAid is a water and water cooler products provider – this we know. And we’re definitely the go to company to go to (ha ha) when it starts heating up – this I’m sure you don’t need to be told (again).

But while the temperatures are soaring here in good ol’ Blighty, and your brain may be a little on the blink because you feel like it’s meltinnnnnnng, what you may not know is that when you purchase any of our water cooler products, you’re actually helping people in far off countries gain access to safe drinking water. No, I’m not kidding and no, this is not sales talk.

How it works is like this: for each water cooler purchase, AquAid make a donation to the charities we’ve supported since we started up in throwback 1998. Yep, all the way back then. Helping others less fortunate is a vital part of the AquAid business ethos – which is why we continue to donate a portion of our water and water cooler sales to charities that work tirelessly to ensure a better present and future for people in communities that have no access to water or spend a goodly portion of their days walking to find water.

We’re not blowing our own water trumpet, honest – it’s just really inspiring and motivating when you see the results of everyone’s hard work – and all of this is thanks to you, dear customer. So … thanks. Very much. Your purchase is making the world of difference to someone else’s life. Peace out.