It’s been said that the next great wars will be fought over water, and it’s easy to see why if we consider the life-giving properties of this unassuming clear fluid plus the fact that this natural resource seems to be dwindling in many parts of the world.

Water is the only substance that all living organisms need to survive – from the smallest amoeba to the largest mammal. We all need water, so much so that the lack of water will kill you much faster than the lack of food will – survival estimates seem to vary between three to four days and one week, depending on factors like heat and exercise etc. But what exactly makes water so essential?

Water is important because it makes up the majority of our body. According to the USGS the brain and heart are composed of 73% water; the lungs 83%; the skin contains 64% water; muscles and kidneys 79%; and even our bones are 31% water. Water is vital for transporting all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins our bodies need to function optimally every day. And even slight dehydration affects this performance, both mentally and physically.

Dehydration occurs when the body is not getting enough water, or it has lost too much water which isn’t being replaced fast enough. It’s dangerous for all human beings, no matter the age, circumstance or fitness level. Having said that, the biggest risk developmentally is amongst young children where the lack of sufficient drinking water can lead to stunted growth, reduced mental ability and poor physical performance. One study showed that when 59 children aged 7 to 9 years, were divided into two groups with the one group following their normal drinking habits; and the other group offered extra water, the latter group reported less thirst and performed better when visual attention tasks were carried out.

When one considers the dangers of dehydration it’s easy to see why a water cooler is such an essential component in nearly every kind of environment, whether it be schools, offices, hospitals or care centers to name but a few. Call AquaAid today for more on what water cooler would better suit your needs.