With the London 2012 summer Olympics only a few short weeks away, it is time to look at all the interesting statistics that surround this sporting spectacle. This event will be held in the United Kingdom for the third time, making London the first city to host the modern version of the sporting games.

The first Olympic Games in London were held in 1908 and originally it was scheduled for Rome, but the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius volcano caused the entire event to be moved. The United Kingdom’s team secured three times the amount of medals to the second place finishers, USA. 22 nations participated that year, this year 205 Olympic nations will be competing for sporting glory.

The second London Olympic Games took place in 1948, with 59 nations competing in 136 different events. This year there will only be 26 different sporting events. Many of these events, like the aquatic events, have many different distances and styles, but these are not counted as individual sports.

An estimated 14,000 athletes will be competing this year at the summer Olympic Games. The Olympic Village will be able to cater and feed 5,500 athletes at any given time during the event and will host the majority of the athletes during the games. The main Olympic stadium will have an 80’000 seater capacity to host the opening gala and all the main track and field events that will be one of the main highlights to the competition. A total of 8 million tickets will be for sale for all the Olympic events and a further 1.6 million tickets for the Paralympic events.

With the extremely large influx of visitors to London, it is no wonder that water coolers sales have sharply increased. Many of the 255,000 hotel rooms in London will be equipped with water coolers to provide tourists and athletes with the cleanest water possible. Fortunately, for many of these establishments, AquAid have made the necessary arrangements to ensure that they, and all their regular customers, will not have any delays with their water supplies during the London Olympics.