1. It’s for a good cause

 Using an AquAid water cooler means that 30p is donated to The Africa Trust with every supplied bottle of water, and 10p is donated to Christian Aid. The African Trust focus on sustainability and job creation, which are key to dealing with poverty in the developing world. AquAid relations with Christian Aid helps fund many water related project in third world countries.

2. It’s safe

Tap water is known to contain chlorine and various other harmful compounds that can affect both the taste of the water and one’s health. AquAid’s water is naturally sourced from pure spring water, which means that it’s free from impurities and chemicals. The water coolers are also quarterly sanitized (according to regulations), which eliminates any potential bacterial growth.

 3. It’s Green

 Here’s a sobering statistic: 1.8 million single-use plastic water bottles are added to UK landfills each year. However, having a bottled water cooler system doesn’t have to mean you’re damaging the environment. AquAid bottles are cleaned (through a strict process) and re-used. The bottles that don’t make the cleaning grade are then recycled.

 4. It saves space

 Many people are under the impression that having a bottled water cooler in the office is going to be a clunky affair, but this isn’t the case. Many coolers are designed with space in mind, with some only requiring 1 sq. foot. Empty bottle storage isn’t an issue either, as AquAid collects them upon delivery of new ones (which is once every two weeks). In addition, bottles that are currently in use can be kept in handy space-saving storage racks.

 5. It’s a healthy mini-break

 Employees need regular breaks in order to keep their productivity levels up – but many turn to either cigarettes or coffee (or both). Having a bottled water cooler in the office provides a much healthier alternative (and an excuse for workers to get up, move around, and hydrate themselves). A cup of water and a quick chat around the cooler will leave employees feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next task or deadline.