If you are looking for the best office water cooler, then look no further than the range of AquAid water coolers. They are practical, convenient and affordable, everything that a business or home owner wants.

The benefits of having a water cooler in your office or home have been proved a hundred times over already. Staff members perform better when they are hydrated and tests have shown the increase in mental and physical performance to be well over 20%. The office water coolers that AquAid have on offer are the perfect solution to all your hydration needs. They will allow your staff to stay hydrated and thirst free for the entire day as cool, clean and fresh water is always close at hand.

The AquAid water coolers have an easily adjustable thermostat that will allow you to adjust the temperature of the water in your office. Nice cool and refreshing water in summer, or hot water for coffee and tea in winter will be just a push of a button away.  With the two different water taps on the water coolers, your staff will always have water at the perfect temperature. Further advantages of using AquAid water coolers are that AquAid shares a percentage of each water cooler sale with charities like The African Trust and the Christian Aid foundation. They have made dramatic differences in the lives of thousands of Africans just from the sale of their water coolers and water products. Their office water coolers are available in bottled or mains fed versions to ensure that your staff will always have clean and filtered water available. The mains water fed office water coolers will filter and clean all your water before your staff use it and will provide you with an endless supply of water.

With their wide range of water coolers, both free standing or desk top, will ensure that you will be able to find  the perfect water cooler for your office.