The many benefits and advantages of water coolers have been discussed and the facts are clear that every office and school should have a sufficient amount of water coolers in their buildings. But where is the best place to site a water cooler so that your employees make the most of the what they have to offer?

The best locations are usually where the most traffic in the work place or learning facility is. Placing the water cooler in the kitchen or corner of the office will only encourage people to make use of the water cooler when they occasionally pass that area. The best placement is close to areas where staff members often use equipment or facilities. Close to the printers or scanners work well because the person might have to wait a few seconds for the printer while it is finalising their work.  These areas are also often meeting places for staff members during the working day and while they discuss business they can enjoy a cool, clean and refreshing cup of water.

Another great place to place the water cooler is in the reception area of the office. This will allow visitors and staff members entering the office the opportunity to quickly grab a cup of water either on their way in our out of the building or office. It is important to remember to take into account the traffic in the office or area that you are placing your water coolers. If you have a fairly large office, with hundreds of staff members or clients, then one water cooler will struggle to keep up with the demand. Consider additional water cooler units so that you can place the units in all the busy areas to ensure that there is sufficient hydration available for everyone.

Try and keep records of each water cooler and see which one uses the most and note the ones that are used the least in your office. Look at their locations and try and duplicate the successful one so that the other water coolers in your office become equally used. Play around with them and see what works best. Maybe place a water cooler next to the notice board if your office has one. The options are endless, just be creative and you will succeed in keeping your staff healthy, happy and efficient.