Water bottles for staff

 How often do we sit down at our work desk or in front of our computers, only to look up and realise half the day has passed. This little time loss is one of biggest reasons staff members often forget to drink enough water at work during office hours. It might look good to sit glued to your computer working all day long, but dehydration can lead to a reducing in mental and physical performance of up to 20%.

A great way of avoiding dehydration at your desk is to take a water bottle to work with you, or if you are the business owner, consider providing your staff with water bottles for their desks. In the morning before you start your busy day, fill your water bottle from the water cooler and keep it on your desk where you can see it and use it often. For business owners this might be the perfect opportunity to supply your staff with branded water bottles so that when they are walking to work, or in the gym, other people will be able to see the bottles and it will provide added business exposure.  Encourage your staff members to use their water bottles and to fill them during lunch and tea breaks.

Office workers who drink enough water each day will provide better service and will perform better at their work. Other added benefits of drinking your daily water requirements are that sufficient hydration reduces the risk of many cancers, infections, diseases and ailments like headaches and constipation. For every business owner these benefits should be reason enough to aid their staff in drinking more water. The time and money lost when just one staff member is sick for an extended period of time will be far more costly than the cost of water.

Keeping staff members and office workers hydrated is easy once you know the simple ways of encouraging them.