There are many small companies making big promises when it comes to office water coolers, but is your water supplier keeping your staff members hydrated on time, each and every time? With over thirty two water distributors and more than 10’000 water coolers in service across the UK, AquAid is by far the best in the water supply business.

As the only water cooler service provider to guarantee satisfaction, you can be assured to receive exceptional service each time their team is called. They will deliver additional bottles of water if you should run out in less than 24hrs, completely free of charge. Have you ever tried to call your water supplier, only to speak to a call centre agent, sometimes in another country, that has no clue about water coolers? With AquAid, you will speak not only to professional staff members; you will speak to local agents in your area that will be able to assist you in less than 24hrs if required.

With their large selection of bottled and mains fed water coolers, AquAid will be able to provide you with the best water coolers for all your needs. Whether you have a large multinational business, or a two man team, AquAid will gladly assist you with their professional service and equipment. AquAid is not just a fantastic service provider, they are also responsible for supporting two major charity groups. They do this by providing a share of their water sale profits to The African Trust and to Christian Aid and have to date donated over £6,000,000 to assist the less fortunate. Just by using the AquAid water coolers, you are making a difference to thousands of people across Africa. Does your water supplier do all that?

If you are constantly struggling to get hold of your water supplier, or you want guaranteed better service with shorter turnaround times, then give the team at AquAid a call. Be part of the best water cooler service available and never be worried about hydration or service again.