Colour me amazed! I was watching a programme and this info blurb popped up. One of those ‘Did you know?’ thingies. It said that penguins can convert salt water to fresh water.

This led to some serious research – ‘just imagine,’ thought I, ‘there are sufficient penguins that each water drinking person could have their very own penguin water cooler + penguins are rather terrific and always sufficiently well dressed for a night on the town’- bonus!

The facts:

The supraorbital gland is a type of lateral nasal gland found in penguins, which removes sodium chloride from the bloodstream. The gland’s function is similar to that of the kidneys, though it is much more efficient at removing salt, allowing penguins to survive without access to fresh water. Contrary to popular belief, the gland does not directly convert saltwater to freshwater.

Living in saltwater environments would naturally pose a large problem for penguins because the ingestion of saltwater would be detrimental to a penguin’s health. Although penguins do not directly drink water, it is taken in when they engulf prey. As a result, saltwater enters their system and must be effectively excreted. The supraorbital gland has thus enabled the penguins’ survival in such environments due to its water-filtering capability. The penguin excretes the salt by-product as a brine through its bill.

Right then, so perhaps not your very own penguin water cooler, but what about your very own brine producer? No?

Oh, alright then! As you can see from the photo on the right, my pitch to the penguins was not well received – they left in rather a hurry.

As it turns out, there are two bits of good news stemming from this blog.

1) Hopefully you’ve learnt something new (I most certainly have) about nature and the animals in it and;
2) although, sadly, you can’t have your very own penguin water cooler converter you can, of course, contact AquAid for any super-duper water cooler requirements.

Our water coolers don’t smell of fish and don’t leave guano all over your workspace. Bonus.