When you a look at all the information and data that is available on the advantages of keeping your family, students or staff members correctly hydrated, you will soon realise the importance of selecting a water cooler that will be able to service all your needs.

The most important factor to consider when purchasing or installing a water cooler into your building is the quality of the service that your water supplier will provide you with. Water cooler and supply companies that have depots spread across the UK are more likely to ensure you will always get the service that you need in a fraction of the time. Ensure the supplier you choose has a large selection of water coolers so you can be sure to find one that is suited to your building and usage.

Schools and businesses are some of the fastest growing industry for water coolers as the great benefits of water is vital for learning students and business staff alike.

AquAid has a range of mains fed water coolers that they can install for you in no time. These water coolers are perfect for high traffic areas where a large quantity of water is consumed on a daily basis. The mains fed water coolers from AquAid will filter and clean your tap water to ensure that it is safe and at the same time it can cool or heat the water for you. For many companies and schools the quality of their drinking water is very important, and for that reason they use the bottled water from AquAid. Their water is naturally filtered and comes from the earth with no added chemicals or substances. These water bottles can be replaced when needed and with all the AquAid agents across the country you can rest assured that you will be able to get a replacement bottle of clean fresh water in less than 24 hours.