Now we’re in the New Year and skating full tilt in winter, as we gear up for the colder weather and perhaps, we’re already cutting back on our exercise and gearing up for more indoors and less out and about.

You may also think that with the colder temperatures this means that you shouldn’t be drinking as much water as you were during the (hot!) summer months.  Reducing our water intake during autumn and winter, however, is a common error, as irrespective of the seasons, adequate hydration is necessary throughout the year.

To maintain optimal health, your body needs a regular and sufficient water intake as water literally feeds your entire body and is responsible for your get up and go – to maintain your basic health and body functions, you must remain hydrated.

Every single atom of your body consists of a high-water component e.g. as much as 83% of your lungs and overall, 73% of your entire body is made up of water.

So, whereas you might be adding on more layers and opting for Netflix marathons instead of exercise marathons, you still need to maintain your water ‘habit’.

That’s why, now, as with each season, is not the time to be ignoring your water cooler, or indeed, cutting back on refilling your water bottle every day, whether you’re at home, work, school or play.

Maintaining your water ‘fix’ not only helps keep you in good health during the colder weather, but it will also ease the transition when you begin upping your water consumption for the warmer months.