Refreshing Fruit, Veggie, Herb and Spice Infused Water

You may remember that at the beginning of the year, we had a Drink Water Daily Challenge. I was impressed by how many AquAid customers accepted the challenge and threw themselves into the fray with wild abandon. Even more impressive was the staying power and the results. At the very least, I’m hoping it increased some people’s daily water intake.

Now, in the height of summer, we’re loosening up a bit and having a bit more fun with our water. Here are a few recipes to get you started:

Lemon, lavender and mint infused water:

  • Add 1/2 cup of dried lavender, a handful of fresh mint and one sliced lemon to a litre of water.
  • Place the infusion in the fridge for approximately 25 minutes, drain the liquids and you should end up with a light pink cool drink that really tastes like lavender, mint and lemon!

I’ve some other marvellous ideas. The amount of water and the period for infusion is pretty much the same as for the above recipe, but as with most infusions, the longer the infusion time, the more chance the fruit / veggie / herbs / spices have to, well, um … infuse:

* Creamsicle: Orange slices and one vanilla bean, sliced down the centre.

* Blackberry:  Handful of blackberries, lime slices and mint sprigs.

* Garden:  Fresh sprigs of rosemary and/or basil.

* Herbs:  Fresh sprigs of rosemary, mint, lemon and cucumber slices.

* Berry Basil:  Fresh strawberries, sliced (green tops on for aesthetics) down the centre and handful of fresh basil.

* Ginger Cream:  Slices of fresh ginger and one vanilla bean, sliced down the centre.

* Citrus:  Slices of oranges, limes, and lemons.

* Melon:  Slices of watermelon and limes.

* Tropical:  Slices of fresh pineapple, watermelon and lime.

* Mojito:  Sliced fresh pineapple, a slice or two of fresh ginger, handful of mint sprigs.

* Peaches and Cream:  Slices of very ripe peaches and one vanilla bean, sliced down the centre.

The only things that I would avoid are fruits that tend to mush easily such as mango or raspberries.  In my opinion, these are too soft to withstand all the ice bumping against them.  After an hour, they will look less pretty and more like a blob of mushy ick.  Not what you’re going for, I assume.

Mason jars with pretty colour chequered tops seem to be all the rage. If you’re not bovvered about looks, any old glass (or plastic if you’re on the go) container will do.