The AquAid range of Mains-Fed Water Dispensers, all designed with convenience in mind; offer a constant supply of fresh, filtered water.

As with all our mainsfed products, the AquAid water cooler provides water filtration that ensures you get only the best fresh water available.

AquAid Mains Fed Water Coolers are a cost-effective alternative to bottled water. Our high-end quality range of mainsfed water dispensers connect directly onto your water mains wherever your premises are be that in your home office, office; medical or educational facility or formal or informal workplace, and will provide you with the most convenient and cleanest fresh water available. This system uses the unique and highly effective high quality 1-micron water filtration system to ensure that your water is as clean and healthy as any bottled water. With this system installed in your premises, you have a constant supply of fresh, filtered water on tap.

Convenient Water Supply

Mains Fed, otherwise referred to as Point-Of-Use (POU), Water Coolers are installed directly into the main water supply and for many businesses and schools, this is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to access drinking water.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

As the water dispenser is fed from the mains, the replenishment of bottled water isn’t required. Our MainsFed Water Coolers enable you to drink fresh water without replacing the supply. All of our mains-fed water dispensers are installed and maintained by our WHA qualified engineers.

Taste & Smells Better

All AquAid Mains Fed Water Coolers include a filtering system, resulting in a drinking water supply that not only looks better, it also smells and tastes better too.

Environmentally Friendly

No plastic bottle use, therefore you are not producing any waste that will negatively impact the environment.

AquAid offers a wide range of mains fed water coolers and tailored rental packages designed to meet your requirements. Don’t just take our word for it: there are now more than 10,000 machines in use across the UK.

With over 20 years of operational experience, the AquAid team are available to assist you in selecting the best water cooler for your facility and we will help you to plan and position their placements to ensure everyone gets clean, fresh and filtered drinking water at regular intervals. Browse our range here or contact us directly for expert advice.