I have this theory dearie, that watering plants at night in a viciously hot climate is better for the plants than by watering them during the day. It’s that whole burn the leaves vs rotting roots debacle debate.

Well, goodness gracious me, did this unearth a can of worms, uh, water.

From what I read, time was the main factor influencing whether to water during the day or night.

Pitching the CO₂ vs the O2 into the mix produced rather varied results too, with those for and against weighing in from both sides.

Despite all the information available, I still believe that watering the plants / garden at night when it’s extremely hot is the way to go. To me it makes sense,

  • as there is little chance of any root rot if watering at night due to the heat the soil absorbs during the day;
  • plus, the cooler night air gives the plants some breathing room to absorb water instead of using all their energies to defend their little selves against the baking hot sun.

Who knows? Perhaps the best guide is common sense – if you look at your garden and leaves and grass are looking a bit droopy, then crank up the hosepipe and feed your plants – water style.

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