An Inconvenient Truth – Conspiracy or Reality?

In this world there is a surprisingly small amount of the population – just 19% according to a survey done by InternetWorldStats – that have access to the internet and to all the information it brings.

I really thought it would have been something closer in the region of 40% – colour me surprised!

Here I was thinking that when it comes to global environmental issues like ‘was An Inconvenient Truth made up purely for political grandstanding or is that really what we’re doing to the planet’, oodles of people had access to this and other such topical environmental issues. Not the case it would seem.

So, perhaps it’s best to forget about internet accessibility and reach and just resort to the physical world that we live in and good old common sense (boy, am I sounding like my elder elders round about now!). Hopefully, common sense is common sense globally and this is not affected by human wants and needs according to Maselow’s Law of Hierachy.

Common sense to me is to look around me at the world that I live in and map the changes with my beady eyes and act accordingly.

A prime example is the car trips the family took on our annual holiday to the seaside, when I was but a sprog. I rarely noticed anything on the initial trip, but it always struck me on the return. As said sprog, I vaguely remember that we would almost be back in the city, 17 miles out perhaps, before I would notice a little smog. Having been fortunate enough to have grown up in the countryside, anything other than a clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds was instantly noticeable.

Fast forward to adulthood, some 20 years on and I recreate that car trip down to the seaside. On the way back, a good 150 miles or so out of the city – still very much in the countryside, to be surrre – and I see a thick, heavy pall of smog, ugly as all get out with an awful yellow grey colour to it – lurking above the horizon. It shocked me – there is just no other word for it.

I know full well that there are a whole host of contributing factors, all very logical, but it did make me think that we have been rather blessed with a magnificent home, so best to do what I could to maintain and not abuse my home too much.

As a company, AquAid too, has a philosophy and ethic that strives to address the very challenging issue of climate change and to implement steps that will indisputably reduce our carbon emissions.

If, as suppliers and consumers, we all do the very best we can in this regard, then we may have some chance of halting the large-scale destruction of our planet in years to come. In this technology-based world, it is virtually impossible to become “truly” carbon neutral. However, we promise that at AquAid we are concentrating all our efforts and resources in minimising any damaging effects our business has on the environment, whilst continuing to balance this with our on-going commitment through Christian Aid and The Africa Trust of providing fresh clean drinking water for our world’s poorest and most deprived people.

By being kind to your planet, which is your home, you are actually being kind to yourself – pretty much a win-win situation if we look at it like that.