Recently, I wrote an introductory blog as a start to a series about the benefits you gain when installing any water cooler from a wide range on offer from AquAid.

One of the benefits mentioned was how, wherever your location, having a water cooler from AquAid installed provides access to chilled (and hot) drinking water throughout your working day.

In this blog, we’re discussing another of these benefits – that of the benefits to your health and well-being.

Throughout our busy days, we often forget to keep up with the simplest aspect to good health – drinking sufficient water.  When we don’t drink enough water, the impact on us can be swift and distinctly unpleasant – just a few examples are:

Quick to tire;


Lack of concentration;

Inability to perform the simplest calculations or tasks.

In any work environment, we all know how vitally important it is to be able to perform at our peak each day. An essential part of increased work performance is ensuring that we drink enough water. More often than not, though, access to drinking water isn’t always available, often isn’t visible and due to this, the importance of keeping ourselves hydrated slips our notice.

Many of us aren’t drinking enough, especially if we’re stuck at a desk all day. Not having easy access to a water cooler, or even not having a water dispenser in clear view, can result in poor hydration habits, which leads to poor work performance.

That’s why installing a water cooler from AquAid benefits you enormously.  With a wide range of high quality water coolers designed to meet your drinking water requirements, promoting your own healthy hydration habits as well as those of your staff and co-workers hydrated couldn’t be simpler.

We’re here to assist – contact us at AquAid without delay.