Water cooler dispensers are fast become more popular across the country as they offer their users the best quality water at convenient temperatures.  Leading the water cooler revolution is one of the biggest water dispensing companies in the UK, AquAid. This award winning Water Cooler Company was established in 1992 and they have grown in leaps and bounds from their humble beginnings.

Their water cooler dispensers are now in offices, homes, schools and business premises across the country, offering ever passer by fresh, clean and safe water. The benefits of water are well researched and with all the advantages from just keeping hydrated, more companies and schools are installing water cooler dispensers to keep their staff members and students performing at their best. Keeping hydrated can increase your mental and physical performance by up to 20%, while reducing the risk of many cancers and other deadly diseases. Properly hydrated individuals will find that they have less weight problems and will look younger due to the fact that water makes the skin suppler and aids in weight loss. Many individuals do not know the first signs of dehydration and they often confuse it for signs of hunger, subsequently eating more than they need too. By having a water cooler dispenser in your office or school, you will be able to offer everyone the opportunity to drink before they eat.

The water cooler dispensers that AquAid have on offer are available in either bottled or mains fed. The bottled water cooler dispensers are perfect for homes and small businesses that do not have hundreds of individuals to service. For larger offices, business centres and schools the mains fed water coolers are the most practical and cost effective. These units filter and purify the water that comes out of your normal taps, giving you clean and safe water whenever you need it. Furthermore, the AquAid water cooler dispensers are able to adjust their water temperature, allowing you the opportunity to have hot water for tea and coffee in winter and cool, fresh water in the summer.

With all the benefits that water cooler dispensers offer, there is no reason to not install one. Give the fantastic team at AquAid a call and they will gladly assist you with all your water cooler needs.