The dreaded afternoon office slump is something that afflicts many of us – come 3pm and we’re definitely NOT jumping up and down with boundless energy! Out of habit (and desperation) we usually grab a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar, but caffeine or sugar injections are most often counter-productive and we hit that slump even harder the next time around. In an effort to find healthier alternatives we went looking for options that hold more longevity, and HuffPost never disappoints, taken from Healthy Living, here are five of our favorite new energy boosters – and yes, your office water cooler is one of them.

  1. Munch a Lemon

No you didn’t read that wrong. Grab a lemon and bite into it – the tart citrus flavors will make your eyes pop and give you a quick boost of energy.

Extra perk: by adding lemon juice to your drinking water, you also add a number of other health benefits that help your body perform more optimally too.

  1. Take a Walk

Even for those of us stuck in an office, a quick walk around the block can do wonders. Between the fresh air and getting your body moving, flailing energy levels will definitely improve.

Extra perk: recent reports claim that sitting (as many of us in an office environment do all day long) is the new smoking, and that taking those frequent short walks helps ward off the negative consequences of being chair bound for so long.

  1. Grab a Peppermint

Different aromatherapy scents deliver different results and peppermint too has its place in the scent world, smelling peppermint fragrances or simply chewing a peppermint sweet can help one perk up.

Extra perk: drinking peppermint tea also helps soothe many digestive and stomach issues.

  1. Turn up the Music

While you might not be able to dance around the office to your favorite song (although stranger things have happened), nothing stops you from putting on your headphones and doing a little desk-dancing, it definitely energizes the spirit.

Extra perk: music actually helps you perform your tasks a little faster too.

  1. Drink Water

And finally, your water cooler: drinking water definitely does help when you’re in a slump, because very often what we mistake for fatigue is actually dehydration, and while other cold and hot drinks might aid hydration, nothing is as effective or as healthy as drinking water.

Extra perk: when using any of the AquAid products, whether water cooler or instant taps, a percentage of all sales are donated to the Africa Trust who help bring fresh drinking water to some of the most impoverished areas in Africa!