Irrespective of what stage of life we are at or what aspect of life we’re approaching, we are forever exhorted to maintain balance.

Researching ‘maintaining balance’ produces multiple results, the majority which refer to a work-life balance. While not surprising, we believe the act of balancing encompasses far more.

Body balance. Our ability to balance relies on multiple factors within our physical makeup. From when we take our first steps, we’re learning how important balance is. According to Wiki: The sense of balance is the perception of balance and spatial orientation.  It helps prevent humans from falling over when standing or moving. Equilibrioception is the result of a number of sensory systems working together: the eyes (visual system), the inner ears (vestibular system), and the body’s sense of where it is in space (proprioception) ideally need to be intact.

As an example, this is why we tend to feel out of balance and uncoordinated when we have a head cold or hay fever where our sinus and nasal passages are blocked up.

Day to day balance. Even if our work is our passion, there’s no denying that a balance needs to be found in our daily life. Instead of a work-life balance, as working is part of life, we think it’s perhaps better to term it a combination of work, play and rest.  Balancing these three aspects of life may be easier said than achieved, however, they are achievable. The trick may be is to recognise when we are feeling off kilter and from there make sure that we practise more of what has been ignored.

Where does drinking water fit into balance? Simply put, maintaining proper hydration helps immensely with the mind and body’s ability to function well. This includes our ability to balance, whether we tend to being more sedentary or more active. As we continue to drink enough water, it helps keep the nasal passages clear, muscles are better equipped to perform more easily and joints have more lubrication.

Finally, perhaps the best indicator of how important it is to maintain balance comes from ancient philosophy, specifically, from Aristotle who said, “Moderation in all things.”