As you may have gathered by now, I spend an inordinate amount of time water cooling. This doesn’t mean cooling by water (although this does play a part if you get what I mean, kind of, sort of) but rather that I lurk a lot at our office water cooler.

Before you get the idea that this is all about me skiving off, let me assure that this not.

Being at the water cooler garners a number of positive results – here are just a few for you to consider:

  • It can mean a very effective manner of garnering office info (apart from all the current skinny endemic to an office environment). Because most people tend to socialise when they’re being watered or fed, you’re sure to pick up on some hot tips about what’s happening in the workplace.
  • Setting a routine that involves you moving away from your work station; moving around and replenishing your water can only be good for your posture, well-being and hydration health.
  • This in turn will keep you feeling refreshed, more ‘switched on’ and more likely to handle workload pressure.
  • You get to meet colleagues that you perhaps haven’t met before past the ubiquitous e-mail contact.

In extreme situations (i.e. being around me), being around the water cooler can also mean:

  • You get to lighten up your day by lounge-lizarding around the water cooler, who knows, you may well hear a cracker joke that will just make your day.
  • You can play {safety first people!} water cooler games e.g.
  1. Who makes the best water bottle gloomph;
  2. Have a 20 second corniest word association face-off with a colleague – will keep you sharp witted if nothing else;
  3. Play a water version of beer pong where you have to down water in place of beer – borinnnng I know, but mate, you are at work!
  4. In the autumn and winter months, buy some tropical island type, neon coloured corkscrew straws and offer them up to colleagues when they come for water refills.

Told ya, loads of reasons to hang around the water cooler and most of them are good for you. See you there!