The debate about tap water and bottled water is something that many people often discuss. Tap water is the most convenient source of water to the majority of the nation, but what can you expect to find in your tap water? Reports and tests show that up to 2100 different substances and components can be found in tap water. The most coming substance in drinkable tap water is chlorine. The reason for this chemical being the number one substance is that it is a great disinfectant. It kills and eliminates many major diseases and harmful bacteria. That being said, if the chlorine levels are too high it becomes deadly to all living substances, including humans.

Another very popular tap water substance that we find in our tap water is fluoride. This added substance is great for preventing tooth decay and it assists in strengthening our teeth and bones. But do we need that much fluoride in our water? Most water treatment plants add fluoride into the water during the filtering process to 1 part per million. Fluoride is the major component of toothpaste and it is in many of the food items that we eat every day. The downside to fluoride is that at 2 parts per million it can cause t

eeth to go yellow or discolour. Extremely high levels (4 parts per million) of fluoride can cause birth defects and bone spurs. The last major substance that we find in most taps if bacteria. There is long and distinguished list of bacteria that can be found in drinking water and this is where the concern comes in for many people. Most of the bacteria are natural and harmless, and will cause no problems. But there are also choleras, coliform, e.coli and many other harmful and disease causing viruses in water. The side effects of these bacteria are all well know as it is the leading cause of death in undeveloped countries. Cholera kills more people in Africa than any war ever has and it could be in your drinking water.

But there is an answer to all these problems. Bottled water is purified and filtered to remove all harmful and unnecessary substances. Companies like AquAid use top quality filters that they can install on your water mains to filter and clean your tap water to make it safe. The water used in the AquAid bottled water coolers is naturally filtered through underground springs, giving you pure, naturally clean and refreshing water everytime you use your water cooler at home, in the office or at school.