Drinking sufficient water increases employee productivity and employee wellness is an important issue for companies both big and small.

Did you know that employees not performing at their best may be dehydrated? According to health news, scientific evidence between cognitive performance and dehydration is strong and continues to grow. It’s believed that the more hydrated you stay throughout the day the more constructive you are.

There are other benefits to the company and employees alike:

  • Improved productivity A water cooler will constantly supply cooled fresh water – a jug in the fridge has to be constantly refilled from a tap. People have to wait for the kettle to boil.
  • Reduced electricity consumption A water cooler or water boiler means water-on-tap from a central point as opposed  to constantly opening and closing the fridge door or repeatedly switching the kettle on.
  • Reducing water wastage There’s always ‘that’ person who will not fully close the tap or who overfills the kettle. A water cooler or boiler eliminates this problem.
  • Healthier employees Having cool, fresh water on ‘tap’ can encourage people to drink water in place of fizzy or energy drinks which can actually lead to dehydration, whereas a hydrated person will be more healthy, happy and more productive.

Install a water cooler for your office to keep employees hydrated. Using a water dispenser keeps employees awake, alert, healthy, and less fatigued. Why not give your employees the opportunity to fill up their water bottle throughout the day. It’s better for them, and as a result, better for you.