We all love the water coolers in our offices and schools but, do you know if that water cooler is ever cleaned correctly? How many people touch the water cooler in your office each day? There is one water cooler supplier that cleans and sanitizers their water coolers every three months. The AquAid water cooler company cleans and sanitises their water coolers and water bottles at least every three months with an ozone generator.

Ozone (O3) is a gas very similar to normal oxygen (O2), just with an added oxygen molecule. How the ozone works is very interesting. The ozone molecules are reagents, meaning that they react when they come into contact with other particles or molecules. This reaction leads to the destruction of the substance that the ozone comes in contact with. The advantage that ozone has is that once it has reacted, it becomes harmless. In water the effect of ozone is that it will kill all unwanted bacteria, spores and viruses, leaving the water container and water dispenser clean, clear and safe. The ozone will rapidly dissolve in the water, turning into harmless oxygen. It has no taste or odour and therefore it is the perfect environmental sanitizer.

The water purification and cleaning that ozone offers is so effective that many first world municipalities are starting to use it to clean all their city’s water supplies. Gym and training swimming pools are following the municipalities’ examples to ensure their water users get the best quality water available. The reason for this is that no chemicals need to be added to purify the water supply, reducing the need for harmful products like chlorine in the water.

So the next time you use your water cooler, stop and ask when last it was cleaned. Ensure that your office or school use a water supplier like AquAid to ensure that you are always looked after and kept safe. Think before you drink water.